Your First Year: All the Content You’ll Receive


Ubisoft has revealed the roadmap of all the news that will arrive in the coming months. With all the delays that Skull & Bones has suffered throughout its development, it is difficult to imagine that its launch is getting closer. Even Ubisoft has thought about all the content that the game will receive as the months go by, which has led it to reveal the roadmap of everything that will arrive during the first year.

All of these new features will be divided into seasons that will introduce challenging battles against legendary pirates, starting against Phillip the Plague and later against others such as the Hubac Twins or Li Tian Ning. However, the sea is also full of other dangerous creatures that will have to be faced, such as the Megalodon or the Tylosaurus.

Likewise, as the months go by, they will arrive new game modes, more additional features and even themed events, such as one dedicated to Halloween and another to the Lunar New Year, in order to obtain new special objects that will be enabled each season. What is clear is that players will have entertainment to give and take, as you can see in the trailer that accompanies these lines.

On another note, Ubisoft wants everyone to be able to try the game before its release. That is why, a few days before it goes on sale, anyone will be able to participate in an open beta that will take place from February 8 to 11. This test will have cross-play and cross-progression and the possibility of unlocking exclusive rewards to use in the final version.

Skull & Bones will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC from February 16th, although those who pre-order the Premium edition will have the opportunity to access this pirate world three days before the rest of the players.

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