Xokas Unveils Potential Earnings Drop Due to Twitch Updates


Get ready for a deep dive into the latest buzz from the streaming world! Meet The Xokas, a streamer who’s not only hugely popular among Spanish-speaking fans but also known for stirring the pot with his blunt opinions. He’s taken to the internet to share how the upcoming shake-up on Twitch is going to hit his wallet—and it’s not looking great. The Xokas and his fellow streamers are bracing for some leaner times ahead, thanks to changes that’ll see them pocketing a good deal less cash.

First up, let’s talk numbers. The Xokas did a bit of show and tell with his earnings to illustrate the hit. He’s revealed that what he used to rake in during 2023 is going to shrink by 13.95%, meaning his $65,470 will drop down to around $56,340. Ouch, right? But here’s the kicker: his revenue from Prime subscriptions is facing an even steeper dive—a shocking 35.44% less!

So, what’s all this fuss about Prime in Spain and Latin America, you might wonder? Well, these changes Twitch is rolling out aren’t just random; they’re directly affecting the earnings of content creators big time because Twitch used to cover that cash difference directly.

Now, let’s zoom in on the notable tweaks Twitch is planning, which all circle back to the amount streamers make from Prime subscriptions. Twitch’s main man, Dan Clance, has had to spill the beans on a less-than-stellar revelation: the streaming giant isn’t the money-making machine everyone thought it was. The outcome? Cost cuts across the board. One of the biggest changes in the pipeline is that the payout streamers get from Prime subs is on the chopping block. How much is this going to hurt? Well, let’s say in Spain, you’ll now get about $1.55 (1.42 euros) per Prime sub, but keep in mind that taxes will have the final say on how much you really take home.

It’s not just the Xokas feeling the pinch; another streamer, Menos Trece, shared the sobering stats on social media—similar figures, same story. A significant 34.41% dip in Prime subscription income, with overall earnings taking a 17.04% hit. He even crafted an elaborate EXCEL spreadsheet to figure out whether streamers will be cashing in or coughing up cash due to these updates.

Menos Trece sounded the alarm to his fellow streamers on Twitter:
Yesterday Twitch announced a series of changes to Primes.
I have spent longer than I would like to admit preparing an EXCEL to find out if you will win 🤑 or lose 😓 with this change.
In my case, this will mean:
-34% revenue from Prime subs
-17% of…” [Tweet from Menos Trece]

This change is stirring up the streaming community as they grapple with the financial implications of Twitch’s new direction. While fans are waiting to see how this unfolds, one thing is certain: the landscape of streaming is shifting, and content creators must adapt to stay afloat in this dynamic digital sea.

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