Xokas Reveals Deportivo de la Coruña Purchase Attempt – Pricey Bid


Joaquín Domínguez, more widely recognized by his online alias Xokas, is the name on everyone’s mind after recently unveiling his impressive 2 million euro residence. However, it’s not just his property that’s making the headlines – Xokas keeps sparking conversations with his bold statements in interviews and live streams. During his latest appearance on the sports radio program “El Partidazo de COPE,” the streamer expressed his interest in making a rather extraordinary acquisition: the Deportivo de la Coruña football team.

When Siro López, hosting the show, inquired if Xokas fancied the idea of becoming the president of the Herculinos, the Spanish team based in Galicia, he replied enthusiastically. “I would love to,” he said, indicating his passion for the idea but also acknowledging the financial hurdles. He described the endeavor as “a little more expensive, a little more (than my house).” Indeed, taking control of Deportivo seems to be pricier and more complex than it might appear at first glance.

Xokas is no stranger to the notion of owning a piece of the football world; he’s already had conversations with a few individuals regarding the prospect. However, he admits that securing the presidency of Deportivo de la Coruña would be a “long-term” ambition. His love for Coruña and many visits to their stadium, Riazor, have given him a dream: to see Deportivo ascend again into the top tier of Spanish football.

Interestingly, this topic has come up in the past, and not without some controversy. Near the end of the previous year, Xokas publicly mentioned that even though it might be “a great financial loss,” he would be willing to take the leap and buy Deportivo if he possessed “200 kilos” (slang for a large amount of money). These comments didn’t go unnoticed; they reached the ears of the club itself and were met with a response on social media.

Deportivo addressed Xokas directly, informing him that the club was not on the market. They suggested that perhaps he might want to take some initial steps towards fandom, like becoming a club member, and perhaps reconsider showing up with a Lugo scarf on the show “The Resistance.” This jab references the fact that Xokas is often seen wearing the red and white colors traditionally associated with another team.

Far from being deterred by the club’s remarks, Xokas embraced the challenge, replying that acquiring Deportivo is just “a matter of time.” His determination and the attention his comments have garnered suggest that this storyline may be far from over, and fans are all ears, curious to see if this popular streamer will one day make his grandiose dream a reality. For now, all eyes remain on Xokas, not just for his gaming content but also for the future of his potential involvement in Spanish football.

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