Xokas’ Home Regret: Nostalgia for the Simpler Past


Once a person gets exactly what they think they’ve always wanted, they might find themselves missing the simple things they left behind. This is the case for Xokas, a streamer who has recently taken his followers on an emotional rollercoaster. After pouring a staggering €2 million into his new home, Xokas opened up to his community, admitting that he longs for his former “zulo,” a term he affectionately uses to describe his old, cozy space.

“Maybe we should just go back to my dungeon?” he suggests during a live stream. His tone suggests he’s seriously considering it, as he harks back to his previous setup with a sentimental air. “We don’t really need all this new stuff. Let’s call it what it is – a massive and unnecessary complication. I was perfectly content before.”

Xokas expresses deep regret about his relocation, making it clear that he didn’t truly need the upgrade. “I look back at where I was and it just makes me sad. I’ve lost something important to me. I want to go back. All this isn’t what I wanted, and I’m just over it,” he shares. It’s as though he’s come to the realization that the happiness he sought was already within his grasp, and he laments, “Boy, did I get it wrong.”

Despite his current feelings, Xokas had initially been thrilled with the new house, proclaiming it fit for a “damn pro.” He was proud of the smart decisions he’d made, with the guidance of his graphic designer father and an architect he consulted. “It’s the best business move I’ve made in my life,” he had said at the time. But now, it seems that business success has taken a back seat to his personal sense of joy and contentment, which he’s realized was closer to his old home than this new grandeur.

Contrasting his initial excitement with his newfound nostalgia, Xokas finds himself in a bittersweet predicament. He acknowledges that it may all be great from a business standpoint, but at the end of the day, it’s not the business accolades he craves. He yearns for that simple corner of the world where happiness seemed more tangible. Now, he, along with his followers, have taken a poignant journey from the thrill of achieving a dream home to the revelation that sometimes, less is truly more.

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