Xokas Announces War on Wetaca: “My Career’s Greatest Shame”


Once upon a time in the digital realm, Joaquín Domínguez, affectionately known to his followers as ElXokas, had a bone to pick with a food company called Wetaca. Now, for those not in the loop, ElXokas is no stranger to the limelight and, as it turns out, was once a patron of said company. However, times have changed. With the launch of his own brand, Knoweats, what erupted was nothing short of a verbal food fight that showed no signs of simmering down anytime soon.

### Xokas VS Wetaca: The Culinary Clash Begins

It all began during one of ElXokas’ wildly popular live streams. If you’ve ever tuned into one of those, you’d know he’s not one to mince words. ElXokas laid out a smorgasbord of critiques about Wetaca, sparing no details on what he believed the company was botching. Wetaca, with the speed of a chef’s knife, clapped back with a snarky tweet. “Hey ElXokas, thanks for the lessons on your stream. We were hoping for a bit more, but what can you expect from someone who thinks eating healthily is silly and stores junk in his freezer?”

Did we really think ElXokas would let that slide? As expected, he wasn’t about to retreat. He dished out a response that was as heated as a freshly seared steak. “I’ve messed up plenty,” he admitted, “but what you’re doing is the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever been associated within my career.” His Twitter thread continued, promising that his new venture would put Wetaca to shame simply by serving up a superior product. It was an all-out flavor war, and he was on the offense.

### Tensions Simmer: Allegations of Sleazy Tactics

ElXokas wasn’t finished. He turned up the heat with further allegations, refuting Wetaca’s braggadocios claim that they could acquire his channel. “In your dreams!” he scoffed. He called them out for underpaying talent, alleging they once offered him a measly compensation of free meals despite his lofty status as a top 15 streamer. He pointed out the irony in their actions, considering their previous offers of collaboration, which he consistently declined.

As if the pot wasn’t stirred enough, ElXokas accused Wetaca of committing a cardinal sin in influencer relations: leaking private conversations. In these, he claimed, he had politely declined free promotions. Taking a firm stance, he reassured other content creators that any partnership with Knoweats would always involve proper compensation. And in a final, biting critique, he labeled the last Wetaca meal he had stored away as “the only trash in his freezer.”

### The Feud Continues

The saga of ElXokas versus Wetaca is far from over; their kitchen rivalry is still piping hot. While most would agree that disputes are best settled over a good meal, this one seems more likely to be resolved over Twitter feeds and live streams. So, keep your eyes peeled, your forks ready, and your meme stash stocked. As more servings of this delicious drama are plated up, everyone’s eagerly waiting to see who gets served next.

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