Xiaomi’s $99 Apple Watch Alternative: Release & Purchase Guide


**The Rise of Xiaomi Watch 4 – A Smart Choice for Everyone**

Since Apple leapt into the smartwatch scene, these wrist-worn gadgets have gone from niche to necessary for many. Nearly a decade later, we’re finding smartwatches becoming almost as essential as smartphones. Every year, various brands aim to earn their spot in this bustling market, and Xiaomi is one brand that’s capturing attention with its blend of functionality, quality, and affordability. The latest testament to their commitment is the Xiaomi Watch 4, which recently became a hot item in Spain during the festive Christmas shopping season.

**Meet the Xiaomi Watch 4: Smartwatch with a Smart Price**

Priced at an attractive €99.99, the Xiaomi Watch 4 makes quite the first impression. Boasting a 1.97″ AMOLED screen framed by a sleek metal body and rotating crown, it shines with a brightness of up to 600 nits and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Not only does it look good, but it’s also designed to last long – the battery promises an impressive 20 days of life depending on usage. If you tap into all its features regularly, you’re looking at around 10 days between charges. Favor the “long battery” mode, and you can extend its life to a whopping 30 days! That’s a 25% improvement in energy consumption compared to the previous model.

**Beyond Time-Keeping: Calls, Health, and Fitness on Your Wrist**

The Xiaomi Watch 4 is more than a fancy timepiece; it’s a hub for your digital life and a companion for your health and fitness journey. With Bluetooth connectivity, you won’t just get alerts for incoming messages – you can actually take phone calls directly from the watch. It comes loaded with sensors that deliver detailed health insights, like a versatile heart rate analysis, blood oxygen saturation monitoring, and stress tracking.

For those who love to stay active, the watch is a godsend. It’s equipped with an independent GNSS chip, which means it offers positioning capabilities that work with or without your smartphone. Imagine taking a stroll through the park and having your watch diligently record your route without the need to bring your phone along. Plus, with a water resistance rating of 5 ATM, it can handle splashes, showers, and swim sessions without breaking a sweat.

**How to Snap Up Your Own Xiaomi Watch 4**

Eager to wrap a Xiaomi Watch 4 around your wrist? It’s widely available across Spain’s leading retail outlets. You can shop for one with ease at places like Amazon Spain, El Corte Inglés, or directly through Xiaomi’s official website.

The Xiaomi Watch 4 is a shining example of how high-end features can be made accessible without breaking the bank. With its commendable battery life, connectivity features, and health and fitness tracking capabilities, it’s proving to be a smart choice for anyone looking to join the smartwatch revolution without sacrificing quality or functionality. Whether you’re taking calls on the go, monitoring your wellbeing, or keeping track of your workouts, the Xiaomi Watch 4 packs a punch in the ever-expanding world of wearable tech.

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