Xbox’s Big Announcement: Future of Exclusive Games Revealed


Phil Spencer has announced through social media that an official Xbox event will take place next week to share more details about the future business vision of the brand. There is hope that this event will address the possibility of Microsoft launching ‘first party’ games on other platforms. This has been a topic of much conversation in recent days, prompting the need for clarification from the company.

The announcement from Microsoft is seen as a planned move, rather than a quick response to rumors circulating on social media. According to The Verge, the event was originally planned for later in the month, but was brought forward following speculation about Xbox games coming to PlayStation 5. Microsoft will need to address many questions from fans if they decide to release their exclusive games on other platforms.

The unprecedented nature of such a move would give rise to many doubts and uncertainties. Questions would need to be answered about which games will be released on all platforms, and the importance of Xbox as a console in the future of Microsoft. The exact date and time of the event will be confirmed in the coming days, so it is advised to be patient until then.

In the meantime, experts have weighed in on the possibility of Xbox launching its games on PlayStation and Nintendo, and the success of Palworld’s numbers on Xbox, which has become one of the most popular releases in the history of Game Pass and has more than seven million players. This adds further anticipation to Microsoft’s upcoming event.

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