Xbox Series X|S Update Accelerates Downloads for Insiders


Users of the Xbox Insider Alpha Skip-Ahead program can now try a new version of firmware on Xbox Series X|S. Here are the main novelties.

We are in a crucial week for the future of Xbox. Next Thursday, February 15th, Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond, and Matt Booty will explain the measures taken by Microsoft for the future of their gaming business, starting at 9:00 pm in podcast format.

Meanwhile, the Xbox support team continues to work on improvements for their consoles, focusing on a highly demanded aspect by players.

It is common for games, updates, or content to be installed in the background while we enjoy our favorite titles on Xbox Series X|S. But, of course, the download speed is not the same as when we are not running a game.

Microsoft has already addressed this issue, in an update to the Xbox firmware that will come to all users in due course.

For now, members of the Alpha Skip-Ahead insiders program can already test the innovations of this version.

Xbox, speed up a bit more

Microsoft has announced that a new firmware update is now available for Xbox, which adds a few novelties to the consoles. Especially, when it comes to Xbox Series X|S.

Currently, Xbox console users cannot download this update, as it has been previously released for the Alpha Skip-Ahead insiders program.

The idea is for insiders to test this new version of the firmware, and if no issues are detected, approve its global release for all players.

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As a major novelty, this firmware version adopts new settings in the network configuration, so that downloads of games, updates, and content in the background are faster than before.

That is, these downloads have been accelerated while we play, which was one of the most demanded aspects by Xbox users for some time.

User Idle Sloth, a member of the program, indicates that now background downloads run at speeds of 380 Mb per second, which is an increase from 40 to 80 Mb per second.

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Generally, foreground downloads run at speeds of around 480 Mb per second, according to measurements made by the Microsoft support team.

If all goes well, this firmware update will be available on Xbox Series X|S in due time. It is rumored that Microsoft is also preparing some changes to its achievement system, although it is not confirmed.

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