Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass Logos Removed from Game Websites


Among the rumors about the future of Xbox without exclusives, it has been discovered that Microsoft has modified its website by removing Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass logos from titles like Fable or Avowed.

The future of Xbox has been the most discussed topic this week, after multiple media outlets reported that historically exclusive Xbox (and PC) games would also be available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Phil Spencer, CEO of Xbox, couldn’t calm the spirits with his terse tweet, quoting us for next week when the changes in the future of Xbox will be announced. But rumors and fears have continued to arise: will Microsoft abandon the Xbox brand?

That’s what some think when seeing an unusual and worrying change on the Xbox website: the upcoming Xbox game listings, such as Fable or Avowed, have lost the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass logos.

Discovered by user Zuby_Tech on Twitter, Microsoft has subtly but significantly modified these pages. Where the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X|S logos used to be, it now only says “Game Pass,” and that it is available on Console and PC.

The Indiana Jones and the Great Circle listing also does not mention Xbox or Xbox Game Pass in its description, only “Game Pass” outright.

That’s not the only thing that has been lost; the line that says “Available day 1 on Xbox Game Pass” is also missing.

Interesting indications, but we shouldn’t jump to conclusions…

What does the future hold for Xbox? For now, there is only uncertainty… but the games are not going anywhere!

This change occurs less than 24 hours after the alarms went off when GameStop wrote “Microsoft Game Passin a tweet, which many thought meant a rebranding, further burying the Xbox brand. It turned out to be an error by the retail chain.

However, this change occurring on the Xbox website, and with the games that are on the way to Xbox this year and were believed to be exclusive to the “Xbox ecosystem” (Xbox Series X, Series S, PC, and Game Pass) is more striking.

We will see if it is an innocent and unfortunate change, or if there is something more behind it: adding logos for other versions like PS5 or even slowly withdrawing the Xbox brand.

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These rumors and Microsoft’s silence have caused great anxiety among Xbox fans, who feel betrayed. The wait for next week is going to be long.

But it is important not to forget that, amid all the speculation, the closest thing to certainty is that Xbox games like Hi-Fi Rush, Starfield, Sea of Thieves, or the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Great Circle or Hellblade 2, will also be available on PS5 and Switch or Switch 2 when possible.

The games are not going to stop coming, and there is no reason to think that Xbox Game Pass will disappear (not even Microsoft hardware, whatever its name is): simply, the games will be available on more platforms, which translates to more possibilities to play them and more revenue for Microsoft to continue making more and better games. Is that really a bad thing?

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