Wordle in Spanish – Jan 30: Scientific Accents, Clues & Answer


Get ready to challenge your brain and expand your vocabulary with the latest Wordle puzzles we have in store for you! Wordle, the wildly popular word game, involves unraveling a mystery 5-letter word within six tries, and we’re here to offer a friendly nudge towards the answers for today’s challenges, Tuesday, January 30. In addition to the classic Wordle, we also delve into some intriguing variations, complete with hints for the accent and scientific challenges.

**Solving the Wordle Puzzle #754 – January 30, 2023**

To start with the standard Wordle challenge #754, here’s a set of five hints that will set you on the path to victory:

1. The word contains three vowels and two consonants.
2. It starts with the letter ‘Q.’
3. There’s a ‘J’ in the mix.
4. The word ends with the letter ‘A.’
5. Think of a term associated with a form of protest.

**Cracking the Wordle with Accents Challenge #701 – January 30, 2023**

If you’re up for a bit more of a challenge, the Wordle with Accents #701 presents a slightly different puzzle for you to solve. Here are your five clues:

1. This word consists of two vowels alongside five consonants.
2. The starting letter is ‘F.’
3. The accented letter is positioned second-to-last.
4. It’s an augmentative word, indicating something of a larger size.
5. The word describes someone with a noticeably large space between their eyebrows and hairline.

**Unlocking the Scientific Wordle Challenge #688 – January 30, 2023**

And for those with a penchant for science, we’ve got the Scientific Wordle #688 ready for your analytical skills. Here are the hints:

1. The word has three vowels and two consonants.
2. It begins with the letter ‘I.’
3. There’s a ‘C’ located somewhere in there.
4. One of the vowels appears twice.
5. Think about something that might leave a fossil footprint.

Now, if you’re ready for the big reveal, here are today’s answers:

The solution to the standard Wordle #754 is the word “QUIJA,” related to a type of protest known as a sit-in. The Wordle with Accents #701 leads you to “FRENTÓN,” which refers to someone with a large forehead. And, lastly, the answer to the Scientific Wordle #688 is “ICNITA,” referring to a type of fossil footprint.

Each day brings a fresh Wordle challenge, encouraging you to tap into different aspects of your vocabulary. Whether you’re a language lover, a science enthusiast, or someone who appreciates a twist with accents, there’s a Wordle variant just for you. Happy word hunting!

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