Will FIFA’s Blue Card Come to EA Sports FC? New Rules Imminent


Soccer has been slower to make changes compared to North American sports, but recent decades have seen significant acceleration in the speed at which these changes occur.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) is considering introducing a new blue card, which would result in a team being outnumbered for 10 minutes, instead of the entire match as with the traditional red card. Two blue cards are equivalent to one red, as are yellow cards.

In the world of sports video games, particularly in EA Sports FC, changes to the rules have been added with a certain speed. The expression of reality in the video game is subordinated to fun, or at least there must be a balance according to the developers.

The use of the evanescent aerosol spray for fouls was introduced in the real world at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and later arrived in the video game FIFA 16. However, the use of the spray in the real world was denounced by its creators, leading to FIFA losing millions. On the other hand, WAS has not yet reached EA Sports FC, despite being fully established in national, European, and international competitions.

Electronic Arts has a solid basis in its rules, and the introduction of blue cards to the game would force it to create more disadvantages in competitive and online matches, which may not be taken well by the players. However, if blue cards become an important part of world football, it is likely that they will eventually come to EA Sports FC to bridge the gap between reality and the game.

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