Why Xokas Missed La Velada 4: Ibai Brands Him Crybaby


In the streaming world, events and collaborations can ignite a lot of excitement, and one such anticipated event is “The Evening of Year 4,” organized by the popular Basque streamer Ibai Llanos. The streamer community is abuzz with the possibility of participation by the well-known ElXokas. However, Ibai has been managing expectations by stating that ElXokas’s involvement is highly unlikely unless there’s some last-minute change, which he stresses is not on the cards this time around.

Ibai discussed the matter with ElXokas, who showed great enthusiasm for the idea and even had an excellent opponent in mind for him. But ultimately, ElXokas turned down the offer, mainly due to the significant commitment required for training and preparation. Ibai understands this reasoning; he knows that competing in such an event puts a participant under a microscope, leading to a deluge of public commentary. This kind of scrutiny can stir up considerable negativity, which could be overwhelming. Ibai has witnessed such situations firsthand with other participants like Reven and knows how tough it can be.

Beyond practical considerations, Ibai humorously remarked that if ElXokas fought and lost, it would lead to an unprecedented emotional situation that could potentially drive Ibai to leave Spain due to the magnitude of ‘tears’ that might follow – a jest that highlights the high stakes of public visibility in these events.

Not to be excluded from sports-related endeavors, Ibai and ElXokas have also shared their football ambitions. While ElXokas has openly mused about his dream to one day buy and operate Deportivo de la Coruña, Ibai has been engaging with his followers about his aspirations to own a professional football team. Unlike ElXokas’s more lofty goals, Ibai’s aspirations are quite grassroots – he dreams of starting from the very bottom and working his way up. This grassroots approach perfectly reflects the kind of personal and relatable content that has earned Ibai his large following, as he focuses on building from the foundation and connecting closely with his community.

Together, both streamers are not only significant influencers in the gaming and streaming community but have also shown interest in leaving their mark on the sports world. While fans may not see ElXokas in the boxing ring at “The Evening of Year 4,” the multifaceted dreams of these two internet personalities underscore their drive to expand beyond the screen into new and exciting territories. Their journeys continue to inspire and entertain a vast audience that eagerly watches every stream and tweet for updates on their next big move.

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