Why World of Warcraft Players Are Napping in-Game


World Of Warcraft The War Within

Groups even meet to sleep together and snuggle up.

In games as immense in content as World of Warcraft, everyone likes to spend their time in a different way. There are those who prefer to focus on collecting resources, others go to dungeons to face final bosses and there are also those who like to face other people, but now groups have begun to emerge whose greatest pastime is taking a nap.

This practice, which is usually always desired after eating, has been extended to Blizzard’s MMORPG on the occasion of the second phase of the Season of Discovery. Among its novelties, beyond the prohibition of carrying out GDKP, it has been implemented a new object that has become increasingly popular among the inhabitants of Azeroth. One as simple as a cozy sleeping bag.

Yes, that is the name of this highly in-demand item and it is what many players are using to sleep outdoors, whether on the streets of capitals or anywhere on the different continents of the world. It might make sense in part if we take into account that the players do not have a house of their own to stay in while they rest, but there is actually a bigger reason behind all this.

It turns out that this simple object has a very special function, which is to grant an experience bonus to those who spend at least one minute sleeping inside the bag. It’s as easy as taking it out, getting inside and leaving the character still without doing anything else.

In this way, for every minute sleeping, the character will gain a bonus of 1% more experience. So up to a maximum of 3%, which is not a very substantial improvement either, but it is something and on top of that you do not have to carry out any complicated process. Additionally, the bonus remains active for two hours, while the cooldown of the bag is two hours and 40 minutes.

On the other hand, the bags are so wide that several players can fit inside one, so the next time you see a few huddled together, don’t think badly.

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