Why Auronplay, Rubius & Quackity Skip ESLAND Events


Have you heard about the ESLAND Awards 2024? It’s a super exciting time for the Spanish-speaking content creator community because we’re gearing up for the third edition of this epic event! Picture this: a bunch of top-notch creators, all gathering in Andorra to celebrate and enjoy the spotlight. But hold on, not everyone’s going to show up this year. Top dogs like Auronplay, Rubius, and Quackity have decided to sit this one out, and they’ve spilled the beans on why they’re skipping the festivities.

Let’s chat about our friend TheGrefg first – he’s the mastermind behind ESLAND and a pretty big deal in the content creating world himself. Can you believe it when he listed the nominees, he dropped a bombshell by revealing that Auronplay and Quackity had said “no thanks” to being nominated? While TheGrefg didn’t go into the nitty-gritty, he mentioned that he totally gets Auronplay’s decision not to attend. And Rubius? He’s gracefully bowing out of the awards, feeling that he’s had a fantastic run and it’s high time other creators grabbed their share of the shine.

It’s a bit of a bummer not having these major players at the event, but respect to them for being honest about their reasons!

So, who’s actually in the running for the “best streamer of the year” at ESLAND 2024? We’ve got a list of 10 super talented folks who are sure to make the competition fierce. Check out these names: Roier, DjMaRiiO, ElMariana, The Xokas, the river, IlloJuan, Rivers, Blondes, Spreen, and WestCOL.

Now, what’s the secret sauce for picking these nominees, you ask? Here’s a peek at the criteria: they’re looking for creators who’ve made a big splash with their events, the quality of their live gigs, their impact on the streaming world, and their presence on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, or Kick. Plus, they’ve got to have racked up more than 300 hours on air in 2023 and pulled in some solid viewership stats.

But the ESLAND Awards aren’t just about the “Streamer of the Year.” There’s a whole buffet of categories to sink your teeth into! In the professional section, we’ve got everything from “IRL Streamer of the Year” to “Best Variety Streamer,” and even awards for “Best Information Coverage” and “Best Roleplayer of the Year.” They’ve also got categories for up-and-comers, the best event, and special content series recognition.

And hey, the fans get to voice their opinion, too! There’s the “Clip of the Year” and “Anger of the Year” that add some fun to the mix.

So that’s the scoop on ESLAND Awards 2024. Sure, we’ll miss a few familiar faces, but it’s also a chance to celebrate fresh talent and give props to the creators who’ve been killing it all year. Can’t wait to see who snags the trophies this time around!

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