Why Al Pacino Turned Down the Role of Han Solo in Star Wars


The strange and curious reason Al Pacino rejected one of the leading roles in the first Star Wars movie, you won’t even believe it.

Naming film licenses such as Star Wars or The Godfather shows us the importance and reach of cinema in recent decades, and while both franchises have absolutely nothing in common, Al Pacino would have united them with his interpretation.

In fact, Al Pacino was one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood in the 1970s, basically because of his starring role in The Godfather.

At that time, with the release of the first Star Wars, the producers wanted to bet on a familiar face like Al Pacino to play Han Solo, something that ultimately did not happen.

However, George Lucas approached Al Pacino to get him a script of Star Wars and tried to hire him to play Han Solo.

As Al Pacino himself revealed in an interview, at that time, being the actor of the moment, he was practically offered the lead role in any major production.

One of those productions that took off in the 1970s was Star Wars, and they wanted Al Pacino to be Han Solo, even offering prohibitive sums of money.

However, Al Pacino did not understand anything at all about the original script of Star Wars, and decided to decline the role, and that in those times, Star Wars was difficult to explain in a few lines and had to be seen to be understood.

“Well, I turned down Star Wars. When I first came on the scene, you know, when you become famous for the first time. It’s like, ‘Give it to Al’. I’d get the Queen to play. I was given a script called Star Wars. (…) They offered me a lot of money. I didn’t get it. I read it. … Then I said I can’t do this. I gave Harrison Ford a career”

And the truth is, Al Pacino would have been phenomenal as Han Solo, although we would have also missed out on Harrison Ford’s starring role.

Both Harrison Ford and Al Pacino have many things in common, not only a very similar age, but also their acting talents where they excel.

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