Warner Bros. Boss Faces $70 Million Loss for Unseen Movie


Warner Bros. continues to be the focus of controversy as they are determined to shelve the production of Coyote vs. Acme, despite being quite advanced and having finished filming. This decision comes after hearing offers for subscription services, indicating that there is no turning back.

The initial anger on social media towards the owners of DC and Harry Potter prompted them to put the project up for auction. However, after receiving offers that were apparently not large enough, Warner Bros. has decided to move forward with shelving the film. The studio believes that they will save more on tax deductions than with a bad sale or relying on the box office.

Despite interest and offers from Amazon, Netflix, and Paramount, Warner Bros. was set on earning between 75 and 80 million dollars and could not reach an agreement with these companies. This decision has led to criticism from sources who accuse the top managers at Warner Bros. of not giving the project a chance and not even wanting to see a final cut of the film.

The film, Coyote vs. Acme, was a hybrid animation and live-action comedy similar to Space Jam. The story followed Wile E. Coyote filing a court case against Acme after being disappointed by the brand’s products in the hunt for the Roadrunner.

The decision to shelve the film has led to disappointment and criticism, with many feeling that it is a shameful ending for the project. Despite its original and fun concept, with a script by James Gunn, the film’s fate seems to be sealed by Warner Bros’ decision to move forward with shelving it.

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