Warcraft, Diablo Sequels Surprise Release – No Spanish Translation


Blizzard brings together its star sagas on its PC platform just in time for Warcraft’s 30th anniversary.

Starting today, and without prior notice, three Blizzard classics have appeared on Battle.net: Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, and the first Diablo. A golden opportunity to discover or replay essentials of strategy and ARPG that marked an era at a very sweet price, although with a nuance that spoils the initiative: They are only in English.

Although it has not been announced as such, the return of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in the middle of 2024 obeys a double purpose: this same year the 30 years of its launch will be celebrated and, in addition, it fits with the great shared celebration of the 20th anniversary of World of Warcraft. And although it is not the Spanish edition, its 5.99 euros pay off quickly. A lost classic? Not quite.

In 2019, the three games that recently arrived on the Blizzard platform were published exclusively through GOG by Blizzard itself and without DRM. In fact, currently they are a little cheaper there although in neither case will we see the texts on the screen in Cervantes’ language. And it’s a shame: Spanish voices have a special charm.

They deserve a separate mention Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition As the Diablo that conquered us and made the ARPG genre its own in 1996. Both at a higher price, although within reason: 9.99 euros per game. However, their respective expansions are included Beyond the Dark Portal y Diablo: Hellfire. And yes, in all cases, their multiplayer experiences are included.

Good news for lovers of strategy and classic role-playing: the first Warcraft and the mythical Diablo They are contributions that deserve their own place on Battle.net along with the not so celebrated remakes, the best-received remasters and the new installments of both sagas. Condensing the company’s entire legacy on PC in one place while they expand with more or less luck to mobile phones.

And although the value of the initiative could have been rounded, in the end we are left with the essential: whether for the alliance, the horde, or blessed nostalgia, welcome to these three historical games!

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