Visual Concepts facing second wave of layoffs


The video game industry is seeing a wave of layoffs that seems to be never-ending. After a disastrous 2023, workers in all areas related to video game development are facing massive cuts. Visual Concepts, known for the NBA and WWE series, has once again been hit by layoffs at the hands of 2K.

Former employee Brad Bowling took to his LinkedIn to share the news of the layoffs at Visual Concepts Austin. He mentioned that he and a group of talented developers were let go, indicating a significant impact on the team. Bowling expressed his disappointment and mentioned that in his 23 years in the industry, he had not seen anything like this before. Both Visual Concepts and 2K have remained silent on the matter.

The layoffs in the video game industry are not showing any signs of slowing down. Despite recent cuts at various other studios, including CI Games, Behavior Interactive, Microsoft, and Embracer Group, executives are estimating that the industry could continue to face layoffs for up to two years.

The outlook for the video game industry in 2024 is bleak, with some studios already fearing the worst. The industry is experiencing one of its toughest years, with stories of layoffs and threats being a common occurrence. The future remains uncertain for many in the industry as they navigate through these difficult times.

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