Viral Video: TikToker Enters Disney World with 46-Year-Old Ticket


A young man who is a popular figure on TikTok has gained even more attention on social media recently after sharing his experience of using a ticket issued 46 years ago to enter Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park.

In a video that has been viewed more than 12 million times, Matthew Ables explained that he found the ticket, which was never sealed and had no expiration date, collecting dust. This meant that, according to the contract, he was able to enter the park without any issues.

Ables decided to put this claim to the test and flew to Orlando. After a tense wait, a Disney World employee returned with a yellow pass, granting him admission to Magic Kingdom for one day. “I can’t believe this actually worked!” Ables exclaimed, narrating his entire experience to his followers.

The story also serves as a reminder of how much ticket prices have changed over the years. Back when the ticket was issued, it only cost 8 dollars, whereas nowadays the prices easily exceed $100 depending on the season.

The unique nature of the ticket has also sparked curiosity about its potential value, especially among those who are familiar with shows like Pawnshop (or The Price of History), which speculate on the worth of unique items. Although the exact value of an unstamped Disney World ticket from 46 years ago is unknown, it’s safe to say that it would have multiplied in value quite significantly from what was originally paid for it.

Source: Deadline

In other news, Disney has been making headlines for its investment in Epic Games to create a “game universe,” while another studio’s failed attempt at creating a Marvel-esque franchise has been resurrected in its own way.

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