Venba: A Story of Family, Migration, Loss, and Forgotten Recipes


One of the best indies published in 2023

The weekend is finally here, a time when many gamers take the opportunity to rest or pass time playing video games. One you would do well to give a chance to is Venba, one of the best indies that was published last year and that you can now play thanks to your subscription to Xbox Game Pass.

Those of you who are signed up for the Microsoft service can access the corresponding download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and also on PC from the Xbox store. A great opportunity to discover what is special about this title that has not stopped accumulating nominations, such as best indie at the Game Awards 2023 that were held last month and the future galas of the DICE Awards and GDC Awards in 2024.

This charming narrative adventure boasts of presenting a very moving story starring an Indian family that has migrated to Canada in the 1980s. The proposal consists of cooking different dishes of the tastiest food and trying to recover recipes that have been lost, since during the trip some of the pages of the recipe book have been damaged and it will be time to prepare those dishes that make your mouth water again.

In turn, family members will be able to have conversations among themselves that branch out and will also affect daily life. This leaves us with conversations related to love, loss and much more that will not leave you indifferent. At most it will last a couple of hours, so you can spend some time on any afternoon you have free to enjoy this fantastic title.

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