Vampire Survivors: Action with Stardew Valley-style Farms


Indie releases can sometimes become unexpectedly successful among the public. Two examples of this are Vampire Survivors and Stardew Valley. The frenetic action of Vampire Survivors has hooked many users, while the farm management of Stardew Valley has gathered a huge number of fans worldwide. Jumpacked Games studio has combined these two worlds in their new game, Pesticide Not Required, resulting in a curious and addictive experience.

Pesticide Not Required combines action and farm management in a successful way. Players take on the role of a jumping frog, using weapons and skills to defeat hordes of bugs. The game also offers periods of rest where players must ensure their crops are in good condition. They can then sell their final harvest to obtain more powerful weapons. In addition to farming, players can also engage in activities such as fishing and mining.

Pesticide Not Required will be released in the first quarter of 2024. A demo of the game is available on Steam for those who are interested in trying it out before the final version is launched.

It is a game that deceives from the beginning, claiming to be “a lost Nintendo 64 title” and has already brought its horror story to Steam. The “Pok√©mon with guns” game, Palworld, has also made its mark on Steam.

Overall, Pesticide Not Required offers a unique combination of action and farm management that has the potential to attract a wide range of players. With its upcoming release, it will be interesting to see how the game is received by the gaming community.

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