Vaas Montenegro: A Deadly Game


The Ubisoft title introduced us to one of the most deranged villains in the entire Far Cry saga – the charismatic villain Vaas Montenegro. With six numbered installments behind it and a few crazy spin-offs, the Far Cry saga reached its peak of popularity with the third installment. The adventure on the Rook Islands was a rush of adrenaline and brutal action, especially enhanced by Vaas Montenegro.

Ubisoft wanted to give so much relevance to the character that it captured him directly on the cover of the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 game. His gaze towards the viewer was striking, already exuding his crazy traits and as an example of this, the head that was buried at his feet in the sand. The enemy did not mess around and the truth is that we could really find that person on a beach. If we go to an exact point on the map – at coordinates X: 619.7, Y: 559.4 -, we can interact with it and obtain an achievement called Say “Hello” to the Internet.

A truly macabre nod, but one that had its origin in a series of promotional videos that the French company published for Far Cry 3 – The Far Cry Experience. It consists of four live-action episodes that show events before the video game through Christopher Mintz-Plasse and his cameraman Barry. Their job was to reach the archipelago and record a documentary, but Vaas and the rest of the pirates cross their paths.

Both are captured and tortured without mercy, but the worst part goes to Chris who is almost completely buried in the sand. Vaas does not cut a hair and does not give him water, urinates on his face and even covers his head with a bucket full of exploding firecrackers. Finally, Chris dies and, while the villain continues laughing at the character, one of his subordinates warns him that six people have arrived on the island. In that group is Jason Brody, the protagonist of the title.

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