User Accidentally Damages RTX A2000, Pays Artistic Tribute


The most daring users are the ones who are unafraid to make modifications to their PC gaming setup, even though sometimes these modifications can go wrong. This was the case for DelishosDrakee, a 17-year-old who attempted to install a copper heat sink in his second-hand RTX A2000 GPU, only to find that it stopped working properly after the modification.

Instead of giving up on the graphics card, DelishosDrakee decided to turn it into a piece of art as a tribute. The GPU, launched in 2021, has 6GB of memory, a consumption of 70W, a bandwidth of 288GB/s, is compatible with PCI Express Gen 4 x 16, and is for professional use. DelishosDrakee used it for gaming and 3D design in Blender, AutoCAD, and Revit.

He initially purchased the GPU for between $200 and $250 more than a year ago and installed it in an HP Pavilion Slimline s3700, intending to replace the standard fan with a heat sink to reduce noise. Although the temperatures were good, the main issue was the noise created by the fan, even when it was inactive.

Despite the mishap, DelishosDrakee can now hang his elegant piece of art in his room as a reminder, and in the meantime, he continues to enjoy his favorite games using GeForce Now until he can buy a new GPU.

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