URF Game Mode Returns to League of Legends Soon


League of Legends developers have confirmed that URF will be available from February 7 at 6:00 p.m. to March 12 at 8:59 a.m. In this sense, we will have more than a month to enjoy the game mode in its variant with free selection of champions. It is worth remembering that in this game mode we can also unlock the event rewards just as we would in ‘normal’ games or the ARAM game mode. The developer has not announced any changes to the game mode.

It is to be hoped that the community will turn to URF. It’s about the most popular alternative game mode and we haven’t been able to enjoy it for a whole year. Due to realignments in the development team that took place last year to focus on the creation of Arena and the recovery of Nexus Blitz, Ultra Rapid Fire was last available in January 2023. According to the developer, from now on onwards old game modes will return more regularly although the news will not be neglected either: an unprecedented modality should arrive at the end of the year.

League of Legends appears to be getting back on track after Riot Games kicked off 2024 by announcing the dismissal of half a thousand workers. It is to be expected that the developer will continue to increase the pace little by little over the next few months since this is a particularly important year for the video game: not only will the Arcane Season 2 but the title will celebrate its 15th anniversary.

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