Upgraded PS5 and PC Version of Terrifying Slasher Coming Soon


The work of Supermassive Games is being reviewed by Ballistic Moon. A remastered version of their PS4 video game Until Dawn is set to be released on PS5 and PC in 2024. The exact release date has not been announced yet, but the game has been remade using the powerful Unreal Engine 5. The company has shared a preview of the new version.

Ballistic Moon has worked on implementing new and improved animations, as well as carefully reviewing all details such as characters, sound effects, and settings. They have also added new perspectives that were not present in the original game. The remastered version will feature a third-person camera, new locations, interactions, and collectibles. The soundtrack has been revamped by Mark Korven, and a film adaptation of the game is also in the works.

In addition to the game, a movie adaptation is also being developed. This marks an exciting time for Supermassive Games and their fans as they eagerly await the release of the remastered Until Dawn.

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