Upcoming Nintendo Direct to Focus on Third-Party Games


The rumored February Nintendo Direct could offer information focused solely on third-party games. An insider claims that Nintendo’s games would be shown later.

We’ve already had an Xbox Developer Direct and a State of Play, but there is still an important presentation missing. February has not yet given us a Nintendo Direct, but rumors are already circulating that the event is imminent.

Speculation has been rife in recent days about a presentation that will provide information on the short-term future of the Nintendo Switch. A new last-minute report has been added to all these rumors.

When will a new Nintendo Direct be?

According to the Nate the Hate podcast, it is expected that Nintendo will organize a Direct focused on providing more details about the remaining Switch games developed by third-party studios, before the announcement of Nintendo Switch 2 (provisional name of the company’s new console).

“I’m going to attend the first Nintendo Direct of this year with the expectation that it will be a Partner Direct,” Nate commented. “I don’t think Nintendo will hold a general Direct in February, I think they will instead do it with third parties.”

In addition, this insider pointed out: “I know the exact format of the Direct and what to expect from it, but I don’t know the day of the presentation.” Many rumors place the digital event for next week, something that would make a lot of sense.

Do you think Nintendo will offer a Direct exclusively focused on third-party games or will it mix in its own content? When will Nintendo Switch 2 be announced? Right now, these are all unanswered questions.

The truth is that a Partner Direct or Nintendo Direct focused on third parties is not the first we’ve seen. The Japanese company has already organized quite a few events of this category. What are your expectations for Nintendo Switch for this year 2024?

On the other hand, Nintendo has acknowledged the challenges of transitioning from a successful console to a new one, and does not take anything for granted with Switch. However, Nintendo continues to deny it, but the mystery of Nintendo Switch 2 is already nearing its end.

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