Unveiling the Secret Boss Skills in Palworld: A Complete Guide


The trick or glitch you should take advantage of right now if you want to obtain creatures resulting with boss abilities in Palworld.

Thanks to breeding in Palworld, we can get really amazing creatures with very powerful abilities. However, there are a series of limits to prevent players from breeding invincible creatures in Palworld, unless some kind of error is found.

Fortunately, the youtuber KhrazeGaming, has found a glitch that allows us to obtain incredible abilities from the big bosses and transfer them to our creatures.

However, being a glitch, it is likely to be fixed by the development team in a future patch, so you should take advantage of it now.

How to get the secret boss skills of Palworld

Thanks to this glitch, you will be able to reach attack power levels close to 5000. This is achieved thanks to a series of specific skills that can be obtained from specific bosses.

Using the trick of capturing tower bosses, you will be able to obtain unique skills. Then you can combine tower bosses with specific creatures to increase the chances of getting a creature with active tower boss skills.

As you know, you can capture the tower bosses by making sure that the boss itself is hit by a stray bullet from the guardian.

Once it has been hit by a stray bullet from the guardian it will be damaged enough for you to be able to capture it.

In particular, of these tower bosses, the youtuber has found that only Lily and Lyen and Victor and Shadow Beak have unique skills that can be passed on to future generations.

So to obtain these skills, you should breed tower bosses with their corresponding pal.

The idea is that you can combine tower bosses with the Chickpea scroll to increase the chances of transmitting the active ability that interests us, such as that boss ability.

In particular, it talks about the Megaton Implode and Seed Mine abilities. For example, Megaton Implode causes 500 damage and is exclusive to Toot Toco.

To obtain this ability, you must breed a Toot Toco with its corresponding preferred pal, while it recommends Megaton Implode with Guirat Gat, which can double its attack power with the active skill.

On the other hand, the Seed Mine ability can be acquired from a skill fruit. It suggests combining Seed Mine with a leaf creature like Liline or Ver Dash.

It also talks about the ability called Poison Mist which is effective against bosses that have a higher level.

It explains that the poison damage is based on a percentage of the target’s life, making it an effective strategy for defeating very strong opponents.

So using the trick of capturing tower bosses, along with breeding skills, you could have a resulting creature that has an active boss ability.

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