Unlocking the Potential of a New Mechanic


I have been a fan of Death Stranding since Hideo Kojima presented his crazy and strange idea during E3 2016. Like you, I was very fascinated by what I saw as its launch approached. I was also captivated by the live performance of the handyman. Upon its installation on our PS4, we all found ourselves inevitably trapped and addicted in the skin of Sam Porter Bridges.

The launch of Death Stranding coincided with the imminent arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, serving as a harbinger of what was to come. I accumulated between 200-300 hours on the PS4 and PS5 versions, including the Director’s Cut, before concluding my adventure and patiently waiting for Kojima to announce a sequel. In December 2022, the sequel was presented, and a second trailer loaded with details was recently revealed.

The latest Death Stranding 2 trailer included a detail that went unnoticed by many but has enormous potential. While it may have been missed by most fans, it caught my attention during a 5-6 second scene at the 5:08 mark of the trailer.

The scene shows Sam advancing stealthily in a hostile environment with poor visibility. He takes off his characteristic backpack, leaves it on the ground, and opens fire on one of the bots/EVs seen throughout the video. Being able to drop the backpack at will significantly changes the way I play Death Stranding.

I have always believed that being able to leave or remove the backpack in Death Stranding would greatly benefit the experience. This mechanic would allow players to explore the area, enter a camp, or clear an EV area with only their weapon. It would also add an element of strategy and roleplay to the game.

The presence of bots and weapons in the sequel suggests that there will be much more action than in the first game. Including the ability to leave the backpack in the sequel is monumental, and I am excited to use this mechanic a lot during Death Stranding 2.

In VidaExtra, 600 years before Death Stranding existed, there were already people walking 300 kilometers in a day to deliver packages. If Death Stranding had a child with Journey, it would be very similar to one of the gems of 2023 that I have enjoyed. Death Stranding reinvented the wheel: only a genius like Kojima could make something as boring as walking fun.

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