Unlocking Helldivers 2’s Success: Embracing Friendly Fire


HellDivers 2 has arrived less than a week ago and has already become the most successful PlayStation Studios game on PC. Tens of thousands of players are enjoying the cooperative shooter on PS5 and PC, and what sets it apart from other games is its approach to friendly fire.

Unlike many games that avoid friendly fire to prevent team fights and accidental deaths, HellDivers 2 embraces it as part of the game’s DNA. The tutorial even encourages players not to feel bad if they accidentally kill a friend and to request a Reinforcement Stratagem to bring them back into the battle. This approach significantly increases the difficulty of the game, making it more challenging and adding to the overall experience.

The game is a masterclass in design and difficulty without the need for artificial options to reduce its impact. Allies have limited life, and there are no second chances, which adds intensity to the gameplay. Even the inability to resurrect past a maximum number of reinforcements adds another layer of complexity.

Killing friends in HellDivers 2 is not only necessary but also fun. The game encourages players to prioritize the defense of Super-Earth, even if it means sacrificing human life. This approach to friendly fire has resonated well with the players, who are excited about the game and have shared numerous TikToks and videos of “best moments” where friendly fire is celebrated rather than seen as a problem.

Overall, HellDivers 2’s embrace of friendly fire has given substance to the game, making it stand out in the gaming world. It has become a key mechanic and another way to exalt the patriotic-parodic spirit of the game.

In conclusion, HellDivers 2’s approach to friendly fire sets it apart from other games and has been well-received by the gaming community. As players continue to explore and enjoy the game, it’s clear that this unique design choice has contributed to its success.

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