Unleash Your Potential in Skull and Bones: Conquer as a Captain


After the conclusion of the Skull and Bones Open Beta, fans are eagerly awaiting the official launch, which is scheduled for February 13-16, depending on the pre-order edition. The community has shared mixed opinions about this new pirate adventure from Ubisoft.

While some fans of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and Sea of Thieves have expressed disappointment due to comparisons, many players have found in Skull and Bones a video game with the potential to explore, engage in battles, and keep them entertained.

As someone who has spent 34 hours in the Open Beta, I am looking forward to accessing the final version to continue progressing and provide a comprehensive analysis. However, I must address an issue that I found particularly bothersome during the free trial.

My experience with Skull and Bones has been marred by the incessant dialogue from non-playable characters (NPCs). I believe that Ubisoft has a serious problem with its NPCs, which seems to stem from an overwhelming fear of losing players’ attention. This issue is not new, as I previously encountered it in The Crew Motorfest. The artificial intelligence in that game was incessantly chatty, and now the problem has resurfaced in Skull and Bones.

In Skull and Bones, the crew is particularly vocal, to the extent of being annoying. They constantly question the player’s decisions and express dissatisfaction, which detracts from the gaming experience. While there is an option to lower the volume of the crew, their constant chatter still hinders the gameplay.

The crew’s constant complaints and claims are unrealistic and intrusive, which disrupts the immersion of the game. Despite the rich Spanish dubbing, the game’s dialogues have been overly intrusive and distracting. While this may not be a pressing issue for everyone, it has significantly impacted my experience with the game.

I have found limited ways to minimize the crew’s dialogue without muting them, which is an issue that Ubisoft needs to address. I hope that the final version of Skull and Bones will address these concerns and provide moments of silence for players to fully immerse themselves in the game.

Overall, while I am eager for the release of Skull and Bones, I hope that Ubisoft will address the issues with NPC dialogue to enhance the gaming experience for all players.

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