Unforgettable Moments: Players Hitting Each Other in Balls


EA Sports spared no humor in the early 21st century. The FIFA series has seen over two dozen installments, evolving extensively over the years. Today, the realism of the series is unparalleled, but a couple of decades ago, it attracted attention in unique ways.

FIFA 2001, at first glance, seemed like just another annual installment. However, comical details like the players’ reactions to own goals set it apart. The video below shows the players’ rage when the opposing team scores on themselves, making it hurt twice as much.

The frustration is evident as a player kicks the ball, only for it to bounce off the goalpost and hit him back in the crotch. This leaves him momentarily incapacitated, adding to the comedic element. Another video showcases players celebrating a goal, with one player tripping over a billboard and falling face-first to the ground.

These humorous moments are unique to FIFA 2001 and have been lost over the years. Today, they remain as nostalgic relics of a bygone era.

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