Understanding Criminal Activity Notice in Palworld and Removing Wanted Level


Everything you need to know to avoid the criminal activity warning status, and even how to get out of the “wanted” status in your Palworld games.

Just because you are in an open world with total freedom does not mean that you can do whatever you want in your Palworld games, especially things that may go against the law.

Palworld also has its own laws and you must know them, and if you break them, you will face tough battles and chases.

In this guide, we want to tell you about criminal activity warnings, what things generate them, and how you can get rid of them.

It can be very confusing at times the reason for the appearance of this warning, and it is convenient for you to know the laws of the world.

What does the criminal activity warning mean in Palworld and how to remove the wanted level

Well, when you start breaking local laws, you will first receive a warning that we recommend you do not ignore.

You will see the warning on numerous occasions, and sometimes it is not very clear why it is really appearing.

So, we are going to list those things that you should never do in your games, in order to not break the law:

  • You cannot attack non-hostile NPCs like merchants.
  • You should not capture humans.
  • Forget about wildlife sanctuaries, as they are protected.
  • You cannot capture Pals in wildlife sanctuaries, so leave the area.

If you break any of the above, the ongoing criminal activity warning will appear, and if you continue to do so, the warning will turn into “wanted”.

Once the warning is “wanted”, guardians will arrive in your area and will not leave you alone, and you will have to fight against them.

However, you can use a strategy to get rid of these guardians and remove the “wanted” status.

On one hand, you can let them kill you and the game will reset without the “wanted” status.

But if you do not want to die, you can always release your Pals to fight against the guardians and when they defeat them, the “Wanted” status will disappear.

You must be aware that if you attack the guardians with your own character, the “wanted” status will increase, so you should only attack them with your Pals.

Do you want to start playing Palworld? If so, we recommend taking a look at all the Pals in the Paldeck and their affinities.

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