Uncover the Dark Secrets of Gale and Astarion


Baldur’s Gate 3 has been a continuous adventure full of surprises that I cannot help but enjoy. My first contact with the game, along with the bizarre stories surrounding the fantasy RPG, left me captivated. The numerous plot twists and the vast array of possibilities available have led to some irresistibly hilarious situations as I journey through the Forgotten Realms.

My initial encounter involved a crypt, where I found a trapdoor leading to a new mausoleum. Naively, I attempted to loot a tomb and inadvertently revived the dead inside. Upon defeating them, I encountered Mustio, a somewhat dissected, yet solemn zombie, who promised to assist in resurrecting fallen allies. Although I found his presence suspicious, it was nothing compared to the strangeness of recruiting Gale, a magician who emerged from a dimensional portal. Shortly after, I added Lae’zel to my group and took Astarion under my wing, only to send him to sleep due to concern over having two rogues stealing the spotlight.

Soon after, I found myself amidst a desperate battle with a group of people about to be attacked by goblins. With my help, we managed to fend off the goblins and gain entry to a walled refuge where I learned about the tieflings’ struggles and a missing druid named Halsin. As war refugees, the tieflings’ resources were scarce, so I demanded payment for my services in order to convince Kagha, the leader of the druids, who was threatening to close the entire area.

My plan to rescue Halsin from the goblin camp prompted yet another battle, during which Gale died. However, to my surprise, a magical projection of Gale appeared to instruct me on how to revive him, claiming that failing to do so would result in catastrophe. Adding to the chaos, Astarion attempted to feed on my blood while I slept, further complicating the situation.

As we continued our journey, we encountered a bald man and a woman claiming I was the Chosen One of the Absolute. Their followers, Andrick and Brynna, ended up dying at the hands of my team, solidifying my status as the supposed messiah of a sect. Uncertain of what lay ahead, I was left to ponder my newfound role and the mysteries that awaited me.

The adventure in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a twist-filled journey that has yet to fail in delivering a captivating and entertaining experience.

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