Ultimate Inclusions: What’s Inside?


Last year Resident Evil 4 made a comeback with a remarkable remake, offering fans the chance to play one of the best installments of the series with updated graphics. Now, almost a year after its release, Capcom has announced the Gold edition of the game.

The Gold edition will include all the original content, allowing players to once again experience the thrilling adventure of Leon S. Kennedy as he embarks on a mission to rescue the president’s daughter. Along the way, players will face the challenges of a town filled with deranged inhabitants who constantly put their lives at risk. Additionally, the edition will feature the Separate Ways expansion starring Ada Wong, offering a fresh perspective on the game’s storyline.

In addition to the original content, the Gold edition will also include a pack of cosmetic items, comprised of skins to modify the appearance of Leon and Ashley, as well as weapons and other objects. Furthermore, the edition will come with the Mercenaries mode, where players must annihilate enemies before time runs out and without dying.

For fans of the series, the Gold edition of Resident Evil 4 is the perfect opportunity to dive back into the game. The edition is set to be released on February 9 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam.

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