Ultimate Failure: 9-Hour Gaming PC Setup Ends in Disaster


Building your first PC to play your favorite video games is a nice memory that many gamers treasure with affection. Connecting each piece, fitting them into place and discovering that you have successfully accomplished your mission is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. However, as happened to one Reddit user, this story sometimes doesn’t end so well as you planned.

For Material-Map-5733, building his first PC was a feat as fun as it was challenging. Unfortunately, various failures when building his machine led him to lose patience since, after 9 hours trying, he couldn’t find a fault that was preventing the computer from working correctly. And, at that moment, he came up with a solution that would put an end to all of his problems: launch the PC from a third-floor window. Luckily, the team had a happy ending thanks to comments from other Reddit users.

A silly error prevented the PC from performing correctly

Those who have built a PC have encountered various problems that prevent it from working as expected. Whether due to incorrectly connected cables, components located in the wrong position, broken hardware, or some breakage during installation, the truth is that these failures are more common than one would expect. Therefore, the user did not hesitate to share his frustration and his anger:

“I’ve spent 9 hours building and reassembling my first gaming PC and it won’t boot. I have followed online manuals and tutorials. At this point, I’ll honestly get more satisfaction throwing this thing off the third floor of my apartment complex and watching it break than trying to make it work.”

Luckily, the Reddit community supported him, urged him to get some rest, and encouraged him to try it the next day. In most comments, many users shared that they had been through a situation like this, which is why the protagonist of the story calmed down and tried it the next day. Finally, when he was determined to throw the PC out the window, he tried to take out the SSD drive, plug it back in and test if it worked. Fortunately for him, and for the health of the computer, he managed to find the key and now the computer works at the same time perfection.

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