Ultimate card for RTTK Goo Mystery evolution in FIFA 24


The final phases of the main European competitions in real football are almost here, and Ultimate Team players for EA Sports FC 24 are prepared to control their RTTF dynamic charts. What you may not know yet is that, for now, you can take advantage of those RTTKs for a new free evolution. We talk about the evolution of RTTK’s Mystery of the Goo. And of course, we tell you what is the best card to take advantage of it.

How does the Ultimate Team evolution system work in EA Sports FC 24?

The evolutions of EA Sports FC 24 allow players to improve overall player stats (and incidentally, the GRL) of the UT team. Thus, it is possible to achieve that the cards evolve and improve permanently. We can also get more PlayStyles or accumulate several evolutions in a single player, under very specific conditions, such as that the players meet certain requirements to opt for evolutions. In the same way, to carry them out, we will need to meet a series of objectives and overcome different missions.

Is there a maximum number of evolutions for an Ultimate Team player or team?

You can have as many evolved players as you want on your team, there is no limit in that sense. A player can also accumulate several evolutions as long as the resulting card is compatible with another evolution. However, it is only possible to have one evolution activated at a time.

Evolution RTTK Goo Mystery

Before showing you which card will give the best performance to take advantage of the single shot of this evolution, we show you all the information from Mystery of the Goo by RTTK. Here are the details:
– Price: free.
– When it ends: Thursday, February 15, 2024.
– Player requirements: Average: Maximum 88 / Pace: Maximum 93 / Passing: Maximum 87 / Physicality: Maximum 87 / Rarity: Road to the UCL qualifiers (Champions RTTK Card) / Number of Playing Styles: Maximum 8 / Number of Styles game+: None.
– Improvements: Pace +2, Shooting +1, Passing +2, Dribbling +1 and PlayStyle Long Passes in Level 1 / Passing +2, Bad Leg +1 star, PlayStyle Threaded Pass and PlayStyle+ Instep Pass in Level 2.
Please note that this is a short-lived evolution and will be available for just over a week.

Marcos Acuña, Best player for RTTK Goo Mystery

The player you should consider for this evolution is Marcos Acuña, the Argentine side of Sevilla. He is the best balanced of all the options and has good parameters in other facets of the game. With the evolution, the OVR will be 89 and he will maintain his 87 physique while increasing his passes (90) and a little the rhythm (83). In addition, the card also has 87 dribbling and 84 defense. In Play Styles, it has 9 PlayStyle, including “Decisive pass+”, “Zapatazo”, “Long passes”, “Anticipation”, “Leñaro”, “Class”, “Relentless”, “Trivela” and “Pase con thread”.

Completing the evolution will involve playing 7 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches while using your EVO footballer, as well as other objectives to be achieved.

In conclusion, with the option presented, you will have a very balanced player and a defender with prodigious physique and great abilities to attack and counterattack.

In addition, remember to follow all the news closely on EA Sports FC 24 and refer to our complete guide for the game to stay updated.

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