True Detective: Polar Night Episode 5 Premiere Date Moved Up


“True Detective: Polar Night” burst onto screens as one of 2024’s most highly anticipated TV show launches. While the debut of its fourth season stirred up mixed opinions amongst reviewers, it still claims a prime spot on HBO Max’s audience favorites list. The latest news exciting fans is the earlier-than-expected release of the season’s fifth episode.

Why the rush for a new episode? The change in schedule has everything to do with the Super Bowl, where the clash of NFL titans Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will take place—and let’s not forget the iconic halftime show, this year headlined by megastar Taylor Swift. Undoubtedly, this event is set to smash viewership records. This exceptional circumstance means that instead of the usual Monday release, “True Detective: Polar Night” will grace our screens in the early hours of Saturday.

Curious about when exactly the fifth episode drops? Mark your calendars for February 9th. The release time shift means that eager fans can start watching as Friday night turns to Saturday—at precisely 3:00 AM Central European Time (CET). No need to worry about time zone confusion; we have you covered. Here’s when you can catch the new episode around the world:

– Spain (Mainland and Balearic Islands): at 03:00 AM
– Spain (Canary Islands): at 02:00 AM
– Argentina: at 11:00 PM
– Bolivia: at 10:00 PM
– Brazil: at 11:00 PM
– Chile: at 11:00 PM
– Colombia: at 9:00 PM
– Costa Rica: at 8:00 PM
– Cuba: at 9:00 PM
– Ecuador: at 9:00 PM
– El Salvador: at 8:00 PM
– United States (Washington DC): at 9:00 PM
– United States (Pacific Time): at 6:00 PM
– Guatemala: at 8:00 PM
– Honduras: at 8:00 PM
– Mexico: at 8:00 PM
– Nicaragua: at 8:00 PM
– Panama: at 9:00 PM
– Paraguay: at 11:00 PM
– Peru: at 9:00 PM
– Puerto Rico: at 10:00 PM
– Dominican Republic: at 10:00 PM
– Uruguay: at 11:00 PM
– Venezuela: at 10:00 PM

So, grab some snacks and prepare for a thrilling Friday night (or Saturday morning if you’re a night owl) with the latest chapter of “True Detective: Polar Night.” It seems the Super Bowl isn’t the only showstopper this February; there’s a gripping detective saga waiting to unravel at the touch of your play button. Get ready to dive back into the mystery and drama that has captured the fascination of audiences worldwide.

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