Triumph: Dominating the Mediterranean on your path to emperorship


Phalanx’s work has already achieved its funding goal on Kickstarter

A good conquest title can turn into an intense gaming session where we must precisely measure each movement. That is the spirit you want to bring to your living room. Triumph, the new title from publisher Phalanx that can now be financed through Kickstarter.

The campaign on the green platform asks for 29,308 euros, of which more than 52,000 euros have already been raised, so the project is a success and can only continue to grow until its completion on February 15. Raymond de Maria and Valdemar Gumienny are the designers of the work, while the classic visual style is signed by Polish artist Bartek Jędrzejewski.

The games are designed to be played by groups of between two to five people and it is best that you reserve between one hour and 90 minutes of time to enjoy the entire experience. Triumph does not hide at no time their intentions, since the idea is to turn the Roman Republic from a small city into a colossal empire ruled by a noble family.

It will be necessary to compete against direct rivals and external enemies to protect the provinces of Rome, whether from the political or military level. The Kickstarter Edition, for 58 euros, includes the mosaic-shaped board, which you can take a look at, and the different decks of cards used to obtain the positions of consuls, praetors and censors. All of this is used to gain clients, gold and entire legions of soldiers at your service.

However, the Deluxe Edition of 105 euros is much more juicy, as it includes dioramas like that of a Roman market and wooden figures to represent the armies. Additionally, both editions receive the Gods of Rome expansion, which is exclusive to Kickstarter and completely free. It must be taken into account that shipping costs for Spain and other territories of the European Union, with the exception of the United Kingdom, are 30.46 euros.

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