Topuria Transitions to Kings League with Ibai & Piqué


Hey, everyone! Get ready for some exciting news in the world of sports and entertainment. There’s been some serious buzz circulating for a few weeks, and now it’s finally confirmed – the secret is out! Ibai Llanos, the renowned streamer, and Ilia Topuria, a rising star in the UFC, have joined forces in an unexpected yet totally cool collaboration.

So, what’s this mysterious joint project all about? Well, Ilia Topuria has this awesome telecom and personal development company called Keio. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Keio is teaming up with the Kings League as its main partner. If you haven’t heard of the Kings League yet, it’s this innovative sports league created by Gerard Piqué that’s shaking up the traditional soccer scene.

The partnership between Topuria’s brand and the Kings League will surface in two key ways. First up, imagine every player on the field turning around, and bam – there it is, Keio’s logo proudly displayed on the back of the jerseys of all twelve teams. It’s about to get real visible! The second aspect is super interactive as Keio’s brand ambassadors will take on a new mission during game-play – they’ll be the ones adding excitement to the matches by rolling the dice.

Oriol Granell, the commercial guru over at Cosmos, is super stoked about this deal. He’s like, “We’re totally welcoming Keio with open arms into the Kings family.” They’re all about shaking things up in sports and entertainment, and now their jerseys are going to stand out even more. Oriol has this feeling that they’re at the start of something extraordinary together.

On the flip side, Pedro Dols of Keio Mobile, who speaks for Ilia Topuria, is hyped about diving into the sports world. They see the Kings League as revolutionaries transforming how we enjoy a classic like soccer. And just like how Keio is out to redefine the telecom game, they’re optimistic this collaboration is the beginning of a beautiful and enduring alliance that will make waves locally and internationally.

If you’re a fan wanting to stay in the loop, you can already catch the Kings League action for free on the official channels and through the personal channels of the big bosses behind it. And get this – Keio isn’t stopping there. They’re gearing up to launch their very own Twitch channel! Imagine getting an all-access pass to some super-exclusive content and juicy behind-the-scenes action every single week.

It looks like the Kings League just scored a major win with Keio in the game. Stay tuned to see how this adventure unfolds!

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