Top Video Game Anniversaries in 2024, Part 2: From Doom 2 to GTA San Andreas


Some of the most important video games in history are celebrating their anniversaries in 2024. We review the most significant games that were released in the final stretch of each year.

Welcome to another Saturday of Chocheluismos, the section of Hobby Consolas in which we review great video games and consoles of the past! In today’s program, the review is more intensive than ever, as we continue our look at the great video game anniversaries that are coming up in 2024.

As you may recall, in the previous program we took a good look at the topic, but there are so many round anniversaries this year that we had to divide the program into two parts. Today, we focus on the anniversaries of video games that will occur in September, October, November, and December. Let’s go where all the action is!

In the video at the top of this content, José Luís Sanz reminisces about such powerful releases as Doom 2, which turns 30 years old; Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, which is already 20 years old; Assassin’s Creed II, which is about to turn 15; and the legendary Sim City, which is approaching 35 years old, no small feat.

But it’s not just the software that’s celebrating, because some consoles are also going to have round birthdays. We’re talking about the 3DO, which despite its huge potential, failed; the Mega Drive 32-X, a very risky project from SEGA that was doomed to fail from the beginning; and the wonderful Dreamcast, which turns 25 years old as a great swan song.

Now that we’ve talked about great video games and consoles that are celebrating their anniversaries, what other games and hardware would you like us to talk about in future editions of Chocheluismos? Leave your suggestions in the comments below and we will come back every Saturday to give them some love, always with a nostalgic and pixelated focus.

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