Top Streaming Picks: February 5-11 Must-Watch Guide


Welcome to our friendly guide where we take a peek at the exciting digital stream of entertainment coming your way this week! Guess who’s taking the lead? SkyShowtime is grabbing the spotlight with a couple of thrilling highlights. First off, we’ve got “Mission Impossible: Deadly Sentence,” which is all set to raise the bar for action-packed adventures. And for those who can’t resist a blend of sci-fi and controversy, the second season of “Halo” is bound to stir up conversations with its racy scenes.

Right on SkyShowtime’s heels, we have Movistar+, which is on a mission to showcase all the Goya Award-contending films. Not lagging too far behind, HBO Max is ready to unload its arsenal of entertainment within a quick three-day span. We’re talking about the wrap-up of “Larry David,” a gut-busting comedy homage to the creator of “Seinfeld.” Then there’s “Feud,” a tantalizing drama recounting Truman Capote’s escapades with New York’s elite. Also in the mix is the continuation of “Tokyo Vice,” a grim and gripping crime thriller delving deep into the underbelly of Japan’s law enforcement.

While the remaining content varies in excitement, there’s definitely something for everyone. So, let’s dive into the cornucopia of series and movies across your favorite platforms with no stone left unturned!

**Netflix is upping the ante:**

**February 5th:**
– Get ready for animated adventures with “Dee and her friends in the Land of Oz.”

**February 7th:**
– Illuminate your screen with “Light.”
– Delve into mystery with “Raël: The Last Prophet” miniseries.

**February 8th:**
– Rediscover romance with the series premiere of “Always the same day.”

**February 9th:**
– True crime aficionados meet “Love, Harassment, Murder” (Documentary).
– Gear up for movie chills with “Ash.”
– Solve puzzling crimes in “The Killer Paradox” and follow the trials of “Alpha Males” season 2.

**Disney+ is sailing a quieter stream:**

**February 9th:**
– Bring on the sun with “Suncoast” (Film).

And not to worry, February will bring some magic with “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” season 3 and the much-awaited “Shogun” samurai series.

**Prime Video’s recent highlights:**

**February 9th:**
– Prepare for class with “Upgraded: Primera clase.”

We recently enjoyed the remix of espionage and marital woes in the premiere of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

**HBO Max heats things up:**

**February 5th:**
– Laugh out loud with “Larry David” season 12.

**February 6th:**
– Dive into the life of soccer royalty with “God’s daughter: Dalma Maradona.”

**February 7th:**
– Enter the high-society battleground in “Feud: Capote vs. The Swans.”

**February 8th:**
– Traverse Tokyo’s dark side with “Tokyo Vice” season 2.
– Get deep into “Almost Harmless” and “The Art of Revolution,” both thought-provoking documentaries.

**February 11th:**
– Don’t miss “La Brea” season 3 and the new action-packed “Ninja Kamui.”

**Movistar+ gets culinary and thrilling:**

**February 6th:**
– Whet your appetite with “Irresistible Foods.”

**February 7th:**
– Jump right into the deep end with “Trigger Point: Out of Control” season 2.

**They’re also rolling out the red carpet for movie buffs:**

**February 5th:**
– Treat your ears to “They Shot the Pianist.”

**February 6th:**
– Sound the horn for “The Horn.”

**February 7th:**
– Get animated with “Living Soul” and “The Other Way.”

**February 8th:**
– Close your eyes and jump into the drama with “Close the Eyes.”

**February 9th:**
– Laugh along with “Saben Aquel.”

**February 11th:**
– Probe the depths of excess in “That Excessive Ambition” (documentary).

**Filmin presents a February to remember:**

**February 6th:**
– Get styled up with “Carmen Curlers” season 2.

**February 9th:**
– Be inspired by “Better Days.”
– Go with the flow in “Let the River Flow.”
– Drift along with “Drifter.”
– Explore the personal and political in “Orlando, my political biography.”

**SkyShowtime shines bright this February:**

**February 8th & 9th:**
– Strap in for “Mission Impossible: Deadly Sentence” and feel the suspense in “Spoiler Alert.”

**Apple TV+ saves some surprises:**

Apple TV+ may be laying low this week, but keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming “Constellación” series and the documentary “Messi’s World Cup: the Rise of the Legend” throughout February.

From animated delights to gripping dramas and documentaries, this week promises an eclectic mix of worlds to explore across your favorite streaming platforms. Mark your calendars and get ready for a binge-worthy week!

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