Top Pokémon Favorites Globally – Spain’s Unexpected Choice


Get ready for an adventure through the whimsical world of Pokémon, a beloved franchise that has been capturing the hearts of fans for nearly three decades! With a vast collection of main series games and a plethora of spin-offs, Pokémon has introduced us to an incredible assortment of over 1015 distinct pocket monsters. As new generations emerge, the list of fantastical creatures continues to grow. But have you ever wondered which Pokémon reign supreme in the hearts of fans around the globe?

Thanks to an intriguing study by The Toy Zone, in collaboration with NeoMam Studios, we now have insights into the most beloved Pokémon in each country. How did they uncover this information? By analyzing Google search data, they were able to identify the Pokémon that stirred the most curiosity and searches across different regions. And the results are fascinating!

Let’s zoom in on Spain, where the research reveals an unexpected favorite: Smoliv, a Gen IX Pokémon that resembles a charming green olive. This grass/normal type has swiftly become a local icon, mirroring the cultural and culinary heritage tightly intertwined with olives in the region. Smoliv’s popularity makes perfect sense considering its seamless fit with the setting of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Paldea region, which draws rich inspiration from the Iberian Peninsula and features nods to both Spain and Portugal.

Now, what about the global stage? Amidst a vast array of fan favorites, certain Pokémon continue to stand out. The electrifying Pikachu and the fiery Charizard have captured the hearts of fans in many countries, proving the enduring appeal of these classic characters. But Japan, the birthplace of Pokémon, has a surprising preference: Drizzile, the sleek water-type from Gen VIII, takes the top spot.

As for the preferences of Spanish-speaking countries, the variety is as diverse as the Pokémon universe itself. From the leafy charm of Chikorita in Mexico and El Salvador to the psychic allure of Abra in Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, and Bolivia, each country has its own darling Pokémon. Nicaragua and Paraguay share a fondness for the fiery Flaming, while Honduras’ enigmatic choice is Unown. The Republic dominican admires the vigor of Vigoroth, and the aquatic elegance of Vaporeon captivates Colombia, Uruguay, and Argentina. Meanwhile, Chile finds a fashionable favorite in Furfrou.

With such an extensive and ever-evolving roster of Pokémon, it’s clear that everyone has their own personal champion. Whether it’s a beloved classic or a fresh-faced newcomer that captures your imagination, the Pokémon saga continues to offer something special for every fan. Who knows what new favorites will emerge as the Pokémon world continues to expand?

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