Top Japonesadas Games for PS1 Played by Tío Bruno


The first PlayStation has a huge catalog of games, among which are hidden some Japanese rarities that we are going to discover today.

Welcome once again to Uncle Bruno’s stories, the Hobby Consolas section where we review great video games from the past! This time we travel back to the days of the first PlayStation to present a selection of particularly Japanese games. You can enjoy it all in the video that heads this content.

We have some well-known games, such as the spectacular Street Fighter Zero 3 (the Japanese version of Street Fighter Alpha 3), but also others that are quite striking, such as a fighting game based on the Gundam universe or classic eighties games like Metro Cross. We’ll even see an interactive manga!

There is also room for shooters with a lot of pedigree, such as the two Raidens, which continue to be a real joy to play. Oh! And, by popular demand, we show you the game Tobal 2, a sequel to a fighting game that did reach Europe. This second part only stayed in Japanese territory. Do you remember its striking designs by Akira Toriyama?

As an extra, we leave you a few minutes of gameplay with Hugo, that little adventure that became popular thanks to its presence on the Tele Cupón, do you remember? Hugo is the star! Okay, that has nothing to do with Japan, but… since when has this section had sense and coherence?

Now that we have reviewed curious Japanese video games for PS1, what other retro consoles or video games would you like us to talk about in future installments of Uncle Bruno’s stories? Leave your suggestions in the comments below and we will return every Saturday to address them, whether with a backache or not.

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