Top 9 Must-Have PS5 and PS4 Games for Gamers


Sony has started a new promotion on the PlayStation Store in which it has temporarily reduced the price of hundreds of video games that have gone on sale on PS4 and PS5. The new batch, with the name of New Year Offers will be available until February 1 and is full of very succulent discounts.

Among all of them there are some great games that cannot be missing from your digital library, so we have prepared a small selection of the best sales that will make your wallet shake. Don’t miss them below.

– Control Ultimate Edition for 9.99 euros (before 39.99 euros). The most complete edition of Remedy Entertainment’s science fiction metroidvania, which includes all its expansions to further expand the action in the Federal Control Agency that has been assaulted by threats from another world.
– Dead Space Digital Deluxe for 44.99 euros (previously 89.99 euros). An outstanding remake with which the USG Ishimura has become more terrifying than ever, which will make you have a really bad time while you walk through the sinister corridors of this ship inhabited by hostile creatures. In this edition you can modify Isaac’s appearance with new exclusive costumes.
– Death Stranding Director’s Cut Digital Deluxe for 29.99 euros (previously 59.99 euros). Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece is back on sale and on top of that with this special edition that includes all the original content, the new features of this expanded version and also new avatars, colors for the suit, patches for the backpack and a book of digital illustrations.
– Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition for 13.99 euros (previously 34.99 euros). One of the most spectacular Final Fantasy, for its gameplay and its characters, which brings in this definitive edition all its expansions, weapons and additional items, a new map, more very challenging combats and even a first-person mode to see the world from Noctis’ point of view.
– Like a Dragon: Ishin! for 29.99 euros (previously 59.99 euros). A spin-off of the Yakuza universe that takes us back in time, to the 1860s, to take on the role of Sakamoto Ryoma, who will try to find the murderer of his father and clean up his image after being wrongly accused. for having committed this atrocity.
– Persona 5 Royal for 29.99 euros (previously 59.99 euros). One of the most essential JRPGs of recent years and the definitive version of one of the best Personas that exist, with new characters, events, a new chapter that expands the original story and many other improvements in gameplay and combat.
– Resident Evil Village Gold for 19.99 euros (previously 49.99 euros). The eighth installment of the saga is set in a lost town in Europe where dangerous threats are the order of the day. Ethan Winters once again stars as he tries to find his daughter in this shocking survival horror.
– Sackboy A big adventure for 28.39 euros (previously 69.99 euros). Up to four players can come together in this friendly platform adventure starring the beloved characters from the LittleBigPlanet saga, having to collaborate to overcome obstacles, challenges, enemies, etc.
– Sonic Superstars for 35.99 euros (before 59.99 euros). Sonic and his friends invite us to enjoy a colorful and magical 2D platform adventure that reminds us of the classic titles of the saga for its graphics and in which there will be no shortage of battles against Dr. Eggman and his henchmen of the.

These offers are tempting and can save you some money as you get your hands on some great games. Don’t miss out on these deals!


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