Top 5 Anticipated Final Fantasy Remakes Wishlist


Get ready, Final Fantasy enthusiasts! A new chapter unfolds in the beloved universe with the upcoming launch of “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.” As the second installment in the Remake project, this game promises to continue the reimagined saga exclusively on the PlayStation 5, set for release on February 29.

Unlike previous remastered editions for classic titles like “Final Fantasy III” or “IV” on the Nintendo DS, which focused mainly on graphical overhauls and fine-tuning gameplay, Square Enix is taking a bolder approach with “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.” This remake not only enlarges the scope of the original story but also brings significant plot modifications and an entirely revamped combat system. With Cloud Strife’s return, it’s the perfect moment to let our imaginations run wild about potential future remakes.

Now, let’s talk about the charm and legacy of other Final Fantasy games, starting with the sixth entry in the series. While “Final Fantasy VII” often takes the spotlight, it’s important to remember the predecessors weren’t released in all markets. In Europe, “Final Fantasy VI,” a bona fide SNES classic and one of the saga’s finest, was made available in its PlayStation version. Fans have been clamoring for a remake, but according to Yoshinori Kitase of Square Enix, recreating “Final Fantasy VI” in a similar fashion to the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” would be a massive undertakings, given its extensive cast and intricate content. Currently, there’s no indication that the resources for such a project are available.

“Final Fantasy VI” itself is an extraordinary game with a memorable protagonist, Terra Branford, who recovers from amnesia in the aftermath of the Magi War. As the Empire seeks to dominate, a revolution begins, sparking an epic narrative with Terra at the helm.

Shifting to “Final Fantasy VIII,” though this entry has its critics, particularly regarding its junction system and some combat mechanics, the PSX classic holds a special place in the hearts of fans. The remaster may have felt inadequate, but a full-blown remake could be just the ticket to fix its issues and provide the definitive version of Squall Lionheart’s quiet, introspective journey. Squall’s identity, rivalry with Seifer Almasy, the sorceresses’ lore, and the enigmatic world of the Gardens all combine to make a captivating setting.

Next up, “Final Fantasy IX” appears as a viable candidate for a remake. Despite rumors and alleged leaks, there’s been no official word from Square Enix on this front. Famous for its medieval vibes and cartoonish characters, “Final Fantasy IX” boasts an enchanting soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu and a cast of endearing heroes. The story kicks off with the thieving Zidane Tribal kidnapping Princess Garnet before unfolding into an adventure filled with peril and wonder. Beneath its approachable exterior, the game handles weighty themes with grace. An update using today’s tech could do wonders for this classic title.

Who could forget “Final Fantasy X”? Although not confirmed for a remake, it remains another beloved chapter in the franchise. Tidus, Yuna, Auron, and friends certainly merit a grand return. With a story so captivating, fans wonder whether a remake could adopt the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” approach or take a more conservative route. The game’s turn-based combat already stands the test of time, yet refreshing some of the older elements could breathe new life into this hit.

Last but not least, “Final Fantasy XII” deserves a mention. Despite a well-received remaster, “The Zodiac Age,” the game’s second half is often criticized. Plagued by development issues due to the illness of director Yasumi Matsuno and Squaresoft’s troubles post-“Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,” the narrative loses its momentum. Nevertheless, its innovative ideas and evolution of classic combat remain impressive. A remake could potentially elevate this adventure in Ivalice to new heights, matching the grandeur of the flying ships that populate its skies.

While these are potential headliners, other entries could also benefit from a fresh coat of paint. “Final Fantasy IV” shined on the Nintendo DS, yet a modern rendition wouldn’t go amiss. And though it’s a touch controversial, “Final Fantasy XIII” wasn’t a misstep—it pushed JRPG boundaries despite its linearity.

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth,” we can’t help but dream of what remakes might grace our consoles in the future. With rich worlds, timeless stories, and characters that resonate deeply with fans, the potential to reimagine these classics is boundless. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for ventures that resurrect these epic tales with today’s beloved tech advancements.

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