Tom Clancy’s XDefiant Set for Imminent Release


The developer had planned to launch XDefiant last summer, but they failed to do so. The game gained popularity during a temporary beta release, but various issues have delayed its launch. The lack of effective communication from the company has caused many to forget about the game. However, the silence has now been broken, and it has been announced that the game will be released very soon.

Ubisoft’s latest financial report states that XDefiant is scheduled to be released in the last quarter of the fiscal year 2023-2024, which covers the period between January 1 and March 31, 2024. The company is currently conducting private tests to ensure the game is ready for release, and the team is preparing for the premiere.

This information was revealed in an investor call, and it is expected that Mark Rubin, the Executive Producer of the game, will issue a statement in the coming days. He has been taking on the task of communicating with fans in the absence of official statements from the company.

During the beta period, XDefiant was presented as a game similar to old Call of Duty, and it garnered over a million unique players. The game will be available for free at launch and will be monetized through cosmetic items or season passes that do not affect gameplay.

The game is expected to appeal to fans who have been less happy with the changes in the Call of Duty franchise over the years. As the release date approaches, more information about the game is likely to be revealed.

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