Toei Animation: Two Geniuses Reunite for Episode 1093


The next episode of One Piece is highly anticipated, with Toei Animation adapting the first big fight of the year between Trafalgar Law vs Blackbeard. The director of the chapter will be Katsumi Ishizuka and alongside him will be Vincent Chansard, a French animator known for his work in memorable moments from Gear 5. Previously, they worked together in the Zoro vs King fight, which was considered by many to be better than the battle between Monkey D. Luffy with Gear 5 awakened and Kaido.

Henry Thurlow, the first and only foreign director to direct an episode of the series, will also be a part of the production along with Fasto, another animator who already participated in the first chapter of the Egghead arc. Episode 1093 of One Piece is scheduled to premiere next Sunday, February 11 through Crunchyroll and Netflix.

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