Toei Animation Reunites Studio Geniuses for Episode 1093


Toei Animation is gearing up for the next episode of One Piece and the hype is undeniable. The upcoming episode will feature the first major battle of the year, Trafalgar Law vs Blackbeard. To bring this epic battle to life, Toei Animation has brought together two of its best workers once again.

The director of the upcoming chapter will be Katsumi Ishizuka, who is responsible for many other notable fights, including the duel between Zoro and King during the Wano arc. Joining him is Vincent Chansard, a French animator known for his work on the fight between Mahoraga and Sukuna, as well as several memorable moments from Gear 5.

The last time these two worked together was in the Zoro vs King fight, which was praised for its technical perfection. Many fans even consider it to be better than the legendary battle between Monkey D. Luffy with Gear 5 awakened and Kaido at the end of the Wano arc.

In addition to Ishizuka and Chansard, Henry Thurlow, the first and only foreign director to direct an episode of the series, will also be assisting in the production, along with Fasto, another animator who previously participated in the first chapter of the Egghead arc.

The highly anticipated Episode 1093 of One Piece is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, February 11 through Crunchyroll and Netflix.

In VidaExtra, fans can also find out more about the characters on the One Piece banknotes and the changes that have occurred in the series after the Timeskip.

Don’t miss out on this thrilling episode of One Piece and mark your calendars for February 11th!

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