Three Million Toothbrushes Hacked: The Unbelievable Cyberattack Story


In the past few hours, news of a DDoS cyber attack on an electronics company has spread like wildfire. What’s causing the concern is the fact that three million intelligent toothbrushes were used as the basis for a botnet network to take down the company’s website.

The news of hacked toothbrushes was reported by the Swedish media Aargauer Zeitung on January 30. An employee of the cybersecurity firm Fortinet claimed that three million electric toothbrushes had been infected with malware to launch a DDoS cyberattack against a Swedish company. The toothbrushes were programmed with Java, allowing hackers to remotely control them and use them to access the company’s website, causing it to crash for four hours and resulting in millions of dollars in damage.

Smart devices, including toothbrushes, can connect to the internet and offer additional functions. In this case, the attack occurred due to a vulnerability in the toothbrushes’ firmware, allowing hackers to take remote control and use them as a botnet to launch the DDoS attack.

Despite the alarming nature of the news, several security experts questioned its veracity. It was unclear whether the attack actually occurred, and there was no additional data to support the news. The Fortinet company clarified that the issue of toothbrushes being used for DDoS attacks was presented as an illustration of a specific type of attack and was not based on their research. It seems that hypothetical and real scenarios were confused due to translations.

With the increase in internet-connected devices, it’s important to take the security of smart gadgets more seriously. Using tools such as two-factor authentication can add an extra layer of protection to the Internet of Things. While there is no evidence to support the hacking of three million electronic toothbrushes, it doesn’t deny the theoretical possibility.

In conclusion, while the news of the cyberattack involving toothbrushes has caused alarm, it’s important to consider the veracity of such claims and take steps to secure internet-connected devices to prevent potential attacks.

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