The Vibrant Community of Artistic Drawings


Mega Man is one of the most iconic characters in video game history, appearing in numerous games and facing a variety of enemies, known as Robot Masters, in each adventure. These bosses are a key part of the gameplay and add to the unique experience of each Mega Man game.

What’s interesting about these Robot Masters is that their designs were not created by Capcom, but instead were the result of a character design contest for fans. This contest was first introduced in the second installment of the classic franchise, and over 8,000 people participated. The winners had the opportunity to have their designs featured in the game, making them a part of Mega Man history.

The success of the contest led to the tradition continuing in subsequent installments of the game, with each contest garnering more and more participants. The growing popularity of the contests saw over 70,000 designs submitted for Mega Man 4, and over 220,000 for Mega Man 7.

The impact of the contests was also evident in the prizes awarded to the winners. Participants not only had the chance to see their designs come to life in the game, but also received additional rewards such as a Capcom jacket, music tapes, stickers, and even a gold cartridge of the game.

As the franchise evolved and technology advanced, the designs and characters of the Robot Masters continued to be a beloved part of the game. The influence of the fan community on the game’s development was a unique aspect of the Mega Man franchise, showcasing the strong connection between the creators and the players.

Among the incredible designs submitted, some notable examples include Bubble Man, who originally had a different appearance, and other rejected sketches for characters like Metal Man, Crash Man, and Quick Man. The details surrounding the selection of the final Robot Masters, such as Gyro Man, Gravity Man, and Knight Man, added an additional layer to the game’s history.

Overall, the story of the Robot Masters and their creation through fan contests is a testament to the strong relationship between creators and fans in the gaming community. Mega Man’s enduring legacy and the impact of the fan community on the franchise continues to be celebrated by fans worldwide.

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